This is a huge experi(ence/ment)

This week was quite interesting. Most of the things went as I expected, however there were surprises, too.

What I expected and observed that has happened are as follows:

  1. Most of my students enjoyed the system. They liked working with the videos. They accepted the challenge against themselves –they had to try re-submitting their answers after checking their work and fixing their mistakes, remember? Indeed they tried and observed the progress. They liked the instant feedback they got when they submitted their answers online. They also liked the fact that they got full mark although they could not get 100% from online self-checks, as effort, which is the number of attempts, is more important.

  2. Most of my students were prompt, or were able to catch up with their peers with a lunch break session.

  3. I am out of time! I had to shoot lots of videos and I could, and still can, barely keep up. Since I do not have a sound-proof room in my apartment, I have to wake up early or stay until late to shoot my videos without any background noise.

What I did not see coming was that:

  1. Some of my Year 8 students seem to enjoy an In-Class Flip, which is watching the videos and solving the exercise sets in class time. These students have less organisation skills and could not fully understand the system and instructions. It may be beneficial for them to work on the videos with me during class so that I can intervene and guide them if need be. I did not make my decision yet; it may be a full In-Class Flip or a partial one.

  2. A colleague worked on FL during her M.Sc. in Computer Science. One of her papers, apparently, was about the effectiveness of FL. When I explained what I was doing, her immediate reply was “this will be a great paper!”. Actually, I was thinking about that, too. Now that I have someone who had worked on FL before, this idea is getting closer to become real.

  3. The clipboard system that I ‘developed’ for tracking my students’ progress seems inadequate. I should admit that using a real clipboard made me feel a bit old-school; I was using Numbers on my iPad before.The problem is that the data I collected is not easily retrievable; I have to place all the papers I used during the week to find out where each student is.

day log

Yes, I fill in the blanks at the top, write down the seating plan and mark their HW, CW, being ready etc…. every lesson.

I started tracking the video – online self-check work on an Excel sheet that I created. I call it as ‘standings’ and students enjoy seeing their own progress as well as their peers.


A colour-coded mark sheet to track students’ progress. 0 for no work, 1 for work that needs improvement and 2 is well done

I think I am going to go back to my Numbers 🙂

At the moment, my pace in each syllabus is slower than my colleagues, as I am trying to set the system. I have an advantage, though; I can assign my students a chapter to work on during the half-term break. After all, they don’t need to be in class and they don’t need my physical presence to learn. Videos and online self-checks will work just as fine. 😉

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