The Interview

Last afternoon, I got interviewed by “the” Jon Bergmann, one of the few pioneers of Flipped Learning (FL). Jon is currently the Chief Academic Officer of FLGI (Flipped Learning Global Initiative). He has so far created four CPD courses on Flipped Learning and a Teacher Trainer Course. The reason he would like to interview with me was that he liked the way I ‘flipped’ my classes and he wanted to embed my method and opinions into one of his CPD Courses as an update.

Although I had endless amounts of technical issues pre-interview, I was able to find a solution and we met online via Zoom platform. He had already sent me the questions in advance so that I can pick the ones I would like to answer, hence it went quite smoothly. At least the answering bit. Other than that, it was awful, thanks to the poor Internet service on this side of the island. The main problem was that my view and my voice was not reaching Jon at the same time. So he suggested that I clapped once and counted up to four before answering a question, as it would be easier for him to synchronise my face and my voice while editing. I felt a bit like a circus monkey, but that’s no big deal.

This interview is really important for me, as it is basically an international appreciation and acknowledgment of my efforts. It is quite flattering to be addressed as one of the experts in the world who can inspire other teachers to start using FL in their teaching. Yet, this feeling is not even close to how I have felt when I found out that almost all my Year 8 students have achieved at least 2 grades up, compared to their last year’s achievement. This refers to an average increase of at least 20% on their end-of-year report. This shows that I am on the right path, I am doing some things correctly.

So, keep up the good work, MisterB!!

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