Studio Lights Ready!

It is not easy to find everything in this corner of the world. Such as studio lights. Most DIY stores do not even have LED lights, let alone studio lights. Thanks to the vast dimensions of the Internet, I found out several tutorials on how to make studio lights. Then I combined the ideas, tweaked them a bit to personalise my studio lights.

studio lights with stands

This is my first trial, hence the lights are a bit shaky, but still standing. If need be, I can make a square or a rectangle as a base to attach the legs for better stability.

It is not in the clip up there, but later on, I blocked the foil on the farther barn doors, as it was reflecting the light directly onto the black background. I also extended the barn doors closest to the background to decrease the amount of light reflected on it. I haven’t tried yet, but I think it is going to be better.

I hope I am going to post my first LightBoard video next week. 🙂

#flippedlearning #lightboard #lightboard

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