North Cyprus now has it (!)

It seems information is not easily accessible when it comes to education, particularly maths education in the North Cyprus context. Everyone knows to search for information on the Internet, however we are often unsure about whether the information we have found is applicable here or not. Agents, on the other hand, are expensive. Language may also be a problem. That is why, this blog is free of charge and is soon going to be in Turkish as well.

I hope this blog will help you get and/or access information regarding your needs. I will try my best to collect and present information regarding the English Curriculum, Maths Curriculum, IGCSE and A/AS Levels, private tuitioning and more, together with how all this information applies to us here in North Cyprus. You will also be able to access information from the source; clicking on the reference link will do. In case you cannot find an answer to your question here, please feel free to ask. I will happily search it for you and post it here.

Another area you may seek help is private tuitioning. In North Cyprus, private tuition seems to be vital. Most of the students get some sort of private tuition. Some get one-to-one, others go to small groups, but there is a significant number of students who attend class-size groups of ‘private’ tuition sessions. Nonetheless, they pay almost the fee as if it is a one-to-one session. Pleaase click here to find out more about my tailor-made model on private tuition.

I will also post some free materials like worksheets, quizzes or videos on KS3-5 maths in order to help those who tackle with most important aspects of certain content.

It will be a great pleasure if my blog is of any help to anyone.

So, welcome to Mr. Böke’s Maths Page…

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