New Year Resolutions Re-visited

We do that every year, right? Well, to be honest, I gave up years ago. Or, to be more precise, I extended the resolutions thing to a whole year. After all, it is a great way of being reflective over your whole life, so why restricting ourselves to a certain time of the whole year? Be reflective all the time! What am I doing? How am I doing? Can I do better? Will this work if I give it a try? And many more…

Currently I consider putting my LightBoard in use. Compared to my screencast videos, shooting a LightBoard video has several drawbacks; I still could not find a proper device to shoot videos, I am still unsure whether my lighting is good enough and editing the raw video takes a lot of time.

But, I still am looking into finding ways to overcome these obstacles. 2020 started quite fast for me; I have an international exam to mark for Pearson, it is report writing time at school and I am shooting videos for the Pure Maths 2 content, along with IGCSE. Still, I hope I will start using my LightBoard by the end of February the latest. I believe that if my students see me teaching in the videos, it will increase the videos efficiency and effect; students will have better concentration, they will be able to establish a bond with me as in class and the whole process of Flipped Learning will be more ‘humanised’.

I feel the need to assess students’ achievement levels more, together with a proper way of reporting the results to both students and parents online. I actually built the system on Google Sheets, however I could not start running it yet. I will do my best to have it working by the end of February.

I started making connections with teachers around the world who flip their classes. I have to increase my efforts to make more and efficient connections so as to avoid ‘discovering the wheel’, sharing my ideas and work and maybe working together in a project.

2020 is the start of a new decade, and it really excites me when I think what I can accomplish by the end of this decade. So, keep on working!..

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