My First Lightboard Video

Well, there you go; my first video using my lightboard. I am still trying to adjust the audio and video settings and, actually, I am not happy with what I ended up with. But I feel like if I don’t post these videos, I cannot see my progress.

Currently, I am using Hama Lavalier Microphone for audio and Panasonic HC-X920 for video. The mic is mono, so the audio recorded can only be heard from one of the speakers/headphones. I have to use Audacity to convert it to stereo. It just takes a few minutes, though, so no big deal.

My challenge right now, is the video. I have to find a way to get rid of the noise. If you maximise the video to full screen, you can notice that, too. Another problem is the colours. In this video, I am wearing a blue shirt and a tie with blue, cream and orange strips. However it is hard to notice the colours. Also I feel as if I am not “well-lit”, either. I have to work on all that.

That said, this is my first video. 🙂

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