It’s a Hurdle Race Against Time

It has been four weeks since the start of the school, and I am still Flip’ping! I should admit, though, that there had been times I thought I should stop. It is not easy to convert from traditional to Flipped, even for an experienced FL teacher. I have to redesign my lesson structure and class set-up completely. Although hard, it is not impossible.

However, there are some requirements in order to have an effective FL Class.

  1. I should have my own classroom.

Well, I don’t. Most of my lessons are in one room, however I cannot use the room when I am not teaching, because some other teacher does. Unfortunately, the room I teach is one of the biggest rooms in the school, hence all classes bigger than 15 students use that room. This also affects my preparation before the lesson. I have to wait for the other class to leave the room, and I enter the room together with my class. It takes at least 4-5 minutes before I get ready to start.

Another problem is that, not all the teachers use the group seating plan. Hence they have to change my seating plan to rows and rearrange it at the end of the lesson. Some of them do not even bother rearranging. It is really time-consuming for me to do this on their behalf.

  1. I should have laptops.

I managed to finda spare laptop and a tablet from the library. The battery of the laptop is dead, so it must be connected to power at all times. The tablet works fine. I was able to find one set of headphones, hence at the moment,  technically speaking, only one student can watch a video. I need more laptops / tablets with headphones for sure. The headphones are easy to get, but the laptops are not. That said, I got the IT technician’s promise that he would create a few ‘zombie’ laptops from the dead ones he had. Fingers crossed.

All that said, I am trying to solve my problems. I now moved my stuff to an empty classroom in the basement; I am going to work there when I don’t teach. I decided to change some of my classes to In-Class Flip; I will be using the Media Centre with my classes, so my students will be working with the videos during class time.

Overall, I need more time and effort to set it right on track, however I am not too far.

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