I want a Lightboard

Recent research has shown that students connect with the lecturer and learn better when they see the lecturer in a video. My videos are screencast videos; I record the screen of my iPad using Doceri app. What you can see is a whiteboard where I solve examples. Hence, my students hear my voice, but cannot see me.

Briefly, there are two ways of a lecturer appearing in his/her video, both of which, I think, has some flaws:

  1. adding him/herself via picture-in-picture while recording the video,

I don’t like the picture-in-picture video, because all I do will be staring at the camera and talking about my video. Besides, this means double work for me; I will first record my lesson as a screencast video, then I will record myself and place it into the video. And I am not talking about how hard it will be to carefully write on my iPad trying to imagine my picture at the top right.

  1. literally teaching the content in front of the camera.

If I use my interactive whiteboard and record my lecture in front of a camera, then I will be turning to the board while explaining the question or writing on the board. This means I will be turning halfway back to the camera, if not completely, and simply I will lose eye-contact with the students. This may not be much of a problem while teaching in the class, but it does not feel right to talk to the board in a video. Also, I don’t want to block a part of the question and/or its solution with my overweight self.

Now there is a third option which I can only summarise my feelings as ‘love at first sight’! A Lightboard! Watch the video below to see an example video of Jon Bergmann explaining Flipped Learning behind his lightboard.

This is amazing! It solves the problems I mentioned with other alternatives with a simple idea. Adjust the camera, go BEHIND the Lightboard and teach!

I am now working towards building a Lightboard for myself. I will write and post a video here once I finish it.

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