FL Global Standards Summit in Istanbul

Jon Bergman and Errol St. Clair-Smith was in MEF University, Istanbul last week, announcing the Global Standards of Flipped Learning 3.0, therefore setting the framework of how’s and why’s of the meta strategy that overarches all learning methods.

Jon and Errol, together with other presenters including Eric Mazur, a Harvard University professor implementing FL since 1991 in his Physics classes, Raul Santiago, another professor who uses FL in University of La Rioja, Spain and Caroline Fell Kurban, one of the many professors in MEF University, Istanbul, which the world’s first totally flipped university announced and explained the Global Standards with their presentations. Unfortunately, Eric Mazur and Raul Santiago were not there in person; they, instead, sent their video footage of their presentation.

Certainly was I 


Below are the quotes I liked from the presentations:

“One day, we will not call Flipped Learning as ‘Flipped’ Learning. We will call it as ‘Learning’ “. –Jon Bergmann

“I hope you have a chance one day to visit my classroom and I promise you one thing, you will come away thinking ‘Eric Mazur teaches kindergarten’ ” –Eric Mazur

“(showing a piece of jigsaw puzzle on the secreen) I want to start with showing this. I call it ‘the piece’. I call it ‘the piece’ because in my wallet I carry this with me everywhere I go. It reminds me that (…) on those days when my ego might get to me and I start thinking that what I am doing is so important, (…) the work that I have done is so important (…) and put all that I’ve done in my hand, it would be a very very small piece of a very big picture. It also reminds me that in order to do really meaningful work (…) and in order to be as good as I can possibly be, I have to find out how my little piece fits into the big picture.” –Errol St.Clair Smith

Overall, it was amazing as well as inspirational to meet and have conversation with the pioneers of Flipped Learning. Thank you Jon and Eroll. Thanks to MEF University for organising this event.

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