First week is over!

So far so good! I and my students still need to rectify a few things here and there to settle down, but we are almost there!

This year, I am in-class flipping my Year 8, Year 9 and Year 10 classes. All these groups are “low sets” with “low achievers”, hence it is best if they do maths under my guidance. And, no, they are not low achievers or anything near; they just need more time to grasp the content, more effort to learn the new content as well as to fill the gaps in their previous knowledge and more support in doing so. I will make them addicted to success; real success that comes with understanding and doing maths. I will have them find out that if they learn , great grades will just pour on their reports. So, yes, basically, it is going to be the same as last year.

I also have two exam groups this year, one IGCSE Maths and one A Level Maths. With IGCSE group, I am trying the Flipped Learning 3.0; basically, they watch the videos and do the online self-checks at home and come to school for harder work and/or activities. We have four chapters to complete, after which the work on past papers will commence. My A Level group is a combination of students from the top set and the middle set. Hence I thought that the best way would be to set the course overview and let the top set students go through the contents independently -certainly under my close mointoring-, while I allocate more time and effort to my middle level students. So far, it works as planned and I believe it will get much better in a few weeks’ time.

I already created videos for the first chapter of A Level Pure Maths 1 syllabus and started the second chapter. By the end of the year, all P1 and P2 Maths syllabus will have its videos ready for next year. Yay! Excited, excited, very very excited!..

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