Excited? No, very excited!.

Tomorrow is my first day of 2018 – 19 Academic Year. I wish I could say “I am ready!” but I am not. You never get completely ready, espceially if everything is about to be ‘flipped’.

Yes, my goal for this year is to start with Flipped Learning and gradually progress to Flipped Mastery. I am going to create maths videos, put them here together with online self-checks and ask my students to work on the basic content through this blog/site.

What am I going to do in class? Well, that’s why I am so excited! I started planning student-centred activities. These are challenging tasks aiming to deepen students’ understanding of the content. Certainly I don’t have the full year’s plan, which worries me a bit. But I know I can, because (1) there are other teachers around the world who have been doing this for almost a decade, (2) I completed my training on Flipped Learning 3.0 last month, and (3) I want to do this.

I am very excited.

Stay tuned!..

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