At last! I made it!

Today I made my LightBoard. Thanks to Jon Bergmann, who introduced the LightBoard concept via his trainings, and Steve Griffiths, who not only made LightBoards of several sizes, but also created 30+ videos about the making and the use of LightBoards, I now have my own. Another bunch of thanks to Steve for his prompt replies to my questions.

This morning I went to the school with my tools and materials. I prepared my workbench and started joining the wooden frame. Then I stuck the LED strip light into the channels. Next I slowly and carefully inserted the 160cm x 100cm glass into the frame. Finally, I placed the top of the frame.

It took me 5 hours to complete the work. Yet, there is still a lot to do. I have to make my own studio lights, paint my LightBoard and make my background black. I will probably spend another 5 hours to make my LightBoard ready to go. I have to add that the preparation took quite long, too. Unfortunately, the DIY stores here do not have grinded, proper wood with nice finish. I had to go to the carpenter and have them cut, grinded and straight-shaped myself. It is the same for studio lights; none of the DIY stores here have any for sale. I think, when complete, my LightBoard studio will be the most hand-made one in the world. 🙂

In my next post, you will probably see my studio lights completed. And hopefully, the next post after that will be my first LightBoard video.

Until then, stay tuned!

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