Adventure anew!

Yes, we are starting all over again!. Tomorrow is the first day of school. This year I have Year 8s, Year 9s and Year 10s, as well as a Year 11 IGCSE class and a Year 12 Pure Maths 1&2 class, both of which will sit Edexcel’s exams.

As I was beginning last year, I aimed to create videos for all IGCSE content. I managed to complete more than half of the content, but not all. Hopefully, I will cover the whole curriculum by the end of this year.

My KS3 content is almost complete; I have a few units to work on. But A Level Maths is completely a new field for me; I haven’t created any video content on A Level Maths before. It is more challenging to create videos at that level, as adjusting the level of explanations is quite hard. I should be able to pitch the level of my explanations delicately; not too less, assuming my students know almost all the prerequisite information, but not too much, like explaining KS3 content in an A Level video, thus making it longer and longer.

I was planning to use my Lightboard for the videos that I would create this year. My fears came true, though; it takes a lot of time to create a 10-minute video. I gave it a try last week and timed myself. I aimed to create a 10-minute video on Indices, and it took four hours from the time I started shooting to the moment I completed editing. Yes, I am just in the beginning, and I will get faster by time. However, unless I create the final version of a 10-minute video under 2 hours, I consider it simply “time consuming”.

On the other hand, the effect of my video with the Lightboard is amazing, compared to my screencast video. For example, my wife quite liked it when I tried the video on her. What’s more; she said “I learned indices, it is not that hard!”.

So, for now, I will go on with my screencast videos, but my new aim is to create at least one video with my Lightboard. If I make less mistakes while lecturing, thus derease the time for editing, it may work.

May this academic year bring more joy, challenge and success to all of us!

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